A Flexible Template Boundary Element
in the RNA Subunit of Fission Yeast Telomerase

TweenMotif Program

TweenMotif program and example.txt fasta file
Source program

TweenMotif is an interactive Windows program for visualizing the locations of a specified target motif within a set of sequences, as well as the gaps between the repeating motifs. The program creates a summary table of the frequency counts of the gap sequences that can be pasted into an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

Sample use. 

Start the TweenMotif program.

The program has some sample data pre-loaded for demonstration purposes.  To load your fasta data, select the Raw Data tabsheet, press the Read File button, and select a file.  A fasta file, example.txt, is included with the program download.

The fasta sequences will be concatenated using the splice character on the Gap Sequences tabsheet.

Press the Process button on the Gap Sequences tabsheet to analyze the data.

The target motifs are highlighted in yellow making the gaps between motifs easier to see.  The list above shows the sequences between the motifs ('tween motifs).  A particular gap sequence can be found if the find checkbox is enabled.

The data in the list above can be copied to the clipboard by pressing the clipboard icon to the upperright of the list.

Open Excel and paste the results there:

A statistical summary of all gap sequences can be displayed by selecting the Sort By Gap Sequence radio button. 

A summary of these gap sequences (the 'tween motifs) can be pasted to Excel:

efg, 23 June 2008.