Our research focuses on Development and regeneration of the lateral line sensory system in zebrafish:


stem cells | cell fate determination |  cell migration


10 January 2019

One intern and two new rotational students

As of this week, we have welcomed three new members to our lab! Emma and Kaelan are rotation students with The Graduate School of the Stowers Institute and Daniela is a graduate student from Germany that will be with us for the next 6 months.


September 2018

Congratulations to our Post-Doc Sungmin!

Our post-doc, Sungmin Baek, won 3rd Place in the YISR Post-doc Poster Competition!  Congratulations!


03 January 2019

Congrats on the Pre-Print with BioRXIV

 The Piotrowski lab is thrilled to present our first pre- print!  Please click the link below to check it out!

Please click here for more details


27 June 2018

Congratulations to our Predoc,  Joaquin navajas acedo!

Joaquin  earned  1st place  in the "Scientific Movies" category of Crossroads' Data Visualization, Scientific Movie, and Scientific Images competition!


September 2018

The piotrowski lab welcomes Several new Members!

 The Piotrowski Lab is thrilled to announce the arrival of  our new Predoctoral  students, Paloma I. Meneses Giles  and Julia  Peloggia, who will be working on their theses as a part of The Graduate School of the Stowers Institute. We also have a new administrative assistant, Indigo Warren-Holman who started in August. Welcome!


03 August 2017

Behind the scene of embryology 2017: not just about the science

A student expresses her enthusiasm about the Zebrafish module during the MBL Embryology course this summer.  Tatjana Piotrowski, instructor of the module, and  Joaquin Navajas Acedo, the TA for the course, are pictured above.


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