Postdoctoral position in zebrafish sensory hair cell regeneration, Stowers Institute for Medical Research


We are seeking a passionate, outstanding postdoctoral fellow to join the Piotrowski lab at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research in Kansas City, Missouri. Research in the lab focuses on hair cell regeneration in the lateral line system. Lateral line hair cells are homologous to mammalian inner ear hair cells, however mammals do not regenerate hair cells leading to deafness. To elucidate the mechanisms underlying zebrafish hair cell regeneration we have performed bulk RNASeq analyses on regenerating organs (Jiang et al., PNAS 2014) and lineage analyses using 3-day long time lapse recordings coupled with proliferation assays (Romero-Carvajal et al., Dev Cell 2015). These experiments revealed an unexpected behavioral and molecular heterogeneity in the cells that regenerate hair cells. To gain a detailed understanding of how many cell types exist in sensory organs and how each of them responds to hair cell death we have been developing single cell RNASeq analyses in collaboration with the outstanding cytometry, molecular biology and computational biology cores at the Stowers Institute.


We are inviting applications from highly motivated candidates to participate in our single cell RNASeq projects on regenerating hair cells. Applicants should have a strong record of accomplishment and experience in several of the following areas: molecular techniques, bioinformatics, cell biology and developmental or regeneration biology. The Stowers Institute provides a very stimulating and interactive research environment, as well as excellent research support including cores equipped with cutting edge technology.


To apply please send a curriculum vitae, statement of research interests, and three reference letters of past advisors or mentors to: pio@stowers.org.