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"What you always wanted to know about histones"  Click here

Chromatin, Histones, and DNA Packaging:

"Ali Shilatifard describes how epigenetic changes may interfer with DNA packaging in the nucleus"

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A Definition of Epigenetics in Humans:

"Ali Shilatifard defines epigenetics in humans in terms of cellular responses to enviormental singlas propogated through generations"

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Transcriptional Elongation Checkpoint Control in Development and Leukemogenesis

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"Epigenetic Marks and Cancer Drugs"

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January 2014

Crosstalk interpreted by Thornton et al.


October 2013

Congratulations, Chengqi, for going directly from graduate school to an Assistant Professor position at A*STAR in Singapore!

Chengqi's Lab page !


August 2013

See Edwin's G&D Review and read about recent findings on the role of Transcriptional Elongation Check Point Control (TECC) in development and cancer... click here

Congratlations Deqing and Edwin on a fantastic story about LEC as a multi-purpose tool... !!!


Rethinking “The Code” ...  Deqing Hu shows us how...





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