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6th Annual Cavefish Meeting

The 6th Annual Cavefish Meeting was held March 17th-20th 2019 at Hotel Mision in Queretaro, Mexico. Horst Wikens (University of Hamburg) and Craig Albertson (University of Massachusetts) were the Keynote Speakers.

SAVE THE DATE: The 7th cavefish meeting is tentatively planned for the 27th February - 4 March 2022 as a hybrid event.

5th Annual Cavefish Meeting

The cavefish meeting held on March 2017 in Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico was a great success! Visit the Rohner Lab Facebook Page to see event photos.

Visit for a collection of previous meeting programs and abstracts.

Cavefish In The News

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- Binge-Eating Cavefish and Human Obesity
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Find new opportunities, jobs, field trips to study cavefish in beautiful Mexico.... Job Opportunity: Research Assistant in Fish Heart Regeneration

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Biology and Evolution of the Mexican Cavefish

A comprehensive, unique work examining the use of the Mexican cavefish as a powerful model system to further understand basic biological processes such as eye degeneration, hearing, craniofacial development, sleep, and metabolic function. [available at the Elsevier Store]

Protocols & Methods

Published resources describing all our laboratory or experimental procedures.

- Whole Mount in Situ Hybridization
- Model Species Developmental Staging Table
- DASPEI Neuromast staining
- Alizarin Red Staining

Links & Resources

Additional sites for cavefish research.... a list of the subterranean fishes of the world, a searchable bibliography of >3000 entries, and several other lists of fishes.

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