Morphological Differences Across Caves

Hello all!

By way of personal introduction, my name is Brian Martineau, and I’m the fish tech for the Tabin Lab at Harvard Medical School.

I’ve worked with Mexican Cavefish (Astyanax mexicanus) for about five years, and over that time, the three caves we work with (Tinaja, Pachon, and Molino) have become so familiar to me that it’s pretty easy to tell the different caves apart on sight. I’m very curious to see if the other caves are as morphologically distinct from one another as our three are.
I’d be interested to know if anyone has photos of fish from other caves that I could have a look at?

Does anyone know if all the caves have been photographed?

That also brings up another curiosity of mine, does anyone have a good sense of which caves have laboratory populations?

Again, we have Tinaja, Pachon, and Molino here, and I’ve heard of a few others, but I have no real sense of who has what, and I’d be very interested to know which caves are represented in captive populations at all.

I’m excited to share knowledge with all of you!

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