New Astyanax page on


I made a new Astyanax Cavefish Page on my website,

You can download two versions of my Astyanax cavefish bibliography, listed by authors or by year. There are 800 references from 1936 through 2017, 81 years of work! This includes scientific publications and many cave reports on the original exploration, mapping, and fish collecting. The biblio pdfs include graphs of the publication rate, which is going exponential over the last few years. There have been booms like that before when new technologies were introduced, from classical taxonomy and genetics, anatomy, behavior, development, starch-gel electrophoresis, and genomics.

So many papers are being published now that I probably missed a couple. Please send me the missing citations and pdfs at

There are some useful links too, such as the new Subterraean Fishes of the World by Graham Proudlove in England.

Nick, feel free to post any of that material on

William R. (Bill) Elliott
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