Research Specialist
We have optimized the use of CRISPR/Cas9 in Nematostella vectensis to generate INDELs in genes of interest for the lab. At present we are trying to use CRISPR/Cas9 to introduce sequences in the genome in a targeted manner. We have been successful in introducing sequences of interest, up to a length of 200 bp using single-strand DNA (ssDNA) as a donor. This allows us to tag genes of interest with small tags such as FLAG, HA, V5. Our next aim is to use bigger tags such as GFP, mScarlet among others. We are trying different donors: ssDNA, PCR products, PCR product with Biotin as a moiety in its 5’ and 3’ end, and other donors.

1997-2003  BS and MS in Biological Sciences, School of Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Supervisor: Dr. Ruth Heinz.
Assistant supervisor: Dr. Andrea Puebla.
Master thesis title: “Cloning and characterization of genes of fructosyltranferases in Gramineae.”  

2004-2009    PhD, School of Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Supervisor: Dr. Ruth Heinz.
Assistant supervisor: Dr. Andrea Puebla
Thesis: “Fructan Metabolism in the Patagonian graminean species tolerant to abiotic stress: cloning and characterization of fructosyltransferases and fructan exohydrolases  genes in BRomuspictuus”. 

2010-2015   Postdoctoral Training, Yale School of Medicine, Yale University. Supervisor: Dr. Mustafa Khokha.

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