Helena RaposO
Graduate Researcher
I have an eclectic experience when it comes to research over my undergraduate and post-bacc years. During my undergraduate years I participated in 2 summer research internships and was also part of a biophysics lab for 2 years at Oregon State University. From my undergraduate research on cancer cell and organoid behavior, our group finalized and published a research paper in October 2021. Last year, I completed a post-bacc at Stowers Institute and had the opportunity to present on a new Alzheimer’s disease model using the mouse olfactory system. This year I am happy to have become a part of the Gibson lab to learn about and contribute to expanding the Nematostella research field.

Oregon State University BS in Bioengineering

Morphodynamics facilitate cancer cells to navigate 3D extracellular matrix
Eddy CZ, Raposo H, Manchanda A, Wong R, Li F, Sun B. Sci Rep. 2021 Oct 14;11(1):20434. doi: 10.1038/s41598-021-99902-9.