Pablo Guzmán Palma
Predoctoral Researcher
The Nematostella vectensis nervous system, thought to be basic and rather simple, exhibits a remarkable complexity. Even though it lacks a centralized nervous system, it possesses multiple neural cell types and even local condensation of neurons and neurites. It is currently not known how neurites navigate and reach their targets in the developing Nematostella embryo. Furthermore, its nervous system reorganizes during metamorphosis. I’m interested in deciphering the mechanisms this fascinating sea anemone uses to pattern and organize its nervous system during development.

Bs in Biochemistry, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (2019)
Professional degree in Biochemistry, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (2020)

Slit/Robo Signaling Regulates Multiple Stages of the Development of the Drosophila Motion Detection System
Guzmán-Palma, P.
, Contreras, E. G., Mora, N., Smith, M., González-Ramírez, M. C., Campusano, J. M., Sierralta, J., Hassan, B. A., & Oliva, C. Front Cell Dev Biol. (2021) Apr 21;9:612645. doi: 10.3389/fcell.2021.612645.

Slit neuronal secretion coordinates optic lobe morphogenesis in Drosophila
Caipo, L., González-Ramírez, M. C., Guzmán-Palma, P., Contreras, E. G., Palominos, T., Fuenzalida-Uribe,N., Hassan, B. A., Campusano, J. M., Sierralta, J., & Oliva, C. Developmental Biology, 458(1),32–42.(2020).