Randal Halfmann, PhD

  • Associate Investigator

  • Faculty, The Graduate School of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research

  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology, University of Kansas School of Medicine

Office: 443E, 816-926-4441
Lab: 441, 816-926-4455
Scientific interests: I nerd out over proteins. DNA and RNA get most of the attention, but proteins run the show. The proteome is the great unknown, and we are the explorers. In particular, we have set out to understand how and to what extent proteins control deterministic phenomena in biology, such as aging and development. If we are to succeed in this undertaking (and we will), we must decipher how protein metastability, nucleation, and self-organization are encoded in protein sequence. 

Outside of the lab: I love nature and digging in the dirt. Hiking, trail running, gardening. I spend way too much time reading about plants. I am 99% vegetarian for reasons of sustainability, and am deeply concerned about climate change and the human condition. I am an ardent advocate of Ranked Choice Voting, an urgent reform to U.S. democracy.

Ask me about: career advice, communicating science, planning experiments, interpreting data.