March 2, 2017




The preprint of Quantifying nucleation in vivo reveals the physical basis of prion-like phase behavior is now available on bioRxiv!





January 31, 2018



The Halfmann Lab hosts Dr. Amy E Keating of Massachusetts Institute of Technology as part of Stowers Institute's Wednesday Lecture Series:


"Designing peptides to manipulate Bcl-2 protein control of cell death"














January 10, 2018


The Halfmann Lab's recent work is mentioned in a BioTechniques article!




October 29, 2017




Congratulations to Randal and Megan Halfmann on the new additions to their family!


Lois Aiden and Curie Lynn Halfmann were born on October 29, 2017!






















June 19, 2017



Alex Rodriguez Gama Joins The Lab!


The Halfmann Lab welcomes Graduate Researcher, Alex Rodriguez Gama! Alex will be working in the lab as a Graduate Researcher as he completes his thesis research.




June 15, 2017



Michelle Tan places 2nd in Stowers Institute's YISR Movie Competition!


Michelle, a Research Technician from the Halfmann Lab, placed 2nd in Stowers Institute's Young Investigator Science Retreat (YISR) Movie Competition. Press play to see her movie of a yeast colony forming.



June 14, 2017



Tej Kandola Places 3rd in Stowers Institute's YISR Image Competition!



Halfmann Lab Grad Student, Tej Kandola, placed 3rd in Stowers Institute's Image Competition. In this image, he captures fibers made up of Asc Pyrin Domain (ASCPYD), a mammalian prion involved in the pyroptosis pathway, in a budding S. cerevisiae.



June 5, 2017

The Halfmann Lab Welcomes Mason and Krishna!

Undergraduates, Mason Wilkinson and Krishna Rajendra Prasad, will join the Halfmann Lab for an 8-week Summer internship. Mason is an undergraduate at the University of Kansas and Krishna is from Lovely Professional University in India.


Click here for more details on Stowers Summer Scholar Program


May 3, 2017


The Halfmann Lab hosts Dr. Allan Drummond of the University of Chicago as part of Stowers Institute's Wednesday Lecture Series:


"How phase separation helps cells react to stress"


Image by Tejbir Kandola