About Jay

Jay Unruh

Jay Unruh
Co-Director of Microscopy, Imaging, and Big Data
Stowers Institute for Medical Research
1000 East 50th Street
Kansas City, MO 64110

Previous Positions:

2015 - 2019
Co-Head of Microscopy
Stowers Institute for Medical Research
2010 - 2015
Research Advisor
Stowers Institute for Medical Research
2007 - 2010
Research Specialist II, Stowers Microscopy Center
Stowers Institute for Medical Research
2006 - 2007
Postdoctoral Researcher, Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics
University of California-Irvine
2001-2006 Ph.D. Chemistry, "Development of Fluorescence Spectroscopy Tools for the Measurement of Biomolecular Dynamics and Heterogeneity"
University of Kansas
1997-2001 B.S. Biochemistry
John Brown University

Research Interests

While my background heavily emphasized microscopy instrumentation development, my current research focus is on biological applications of such technologies. I believe that one of the greatest impediments to the applied use of microscopy technologies is the availability and advanced knowledge of such technologies within the biological community. The technical microscopy literature is rife with well-meaning inventions that may never be utilized for to solve real biological problems because they failed to account for the complexity of biological systems or because their complexity is such that they are inaccessible to biological researchers. Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy in particular is an excellent example of this dichotomy. I would estimate that papers developing variants of this technology outnumber papers solving real-world problems with it by at least an order of magnitude. The problem becomes even more pronounced when considering live cell applications of this technology. This is despite the existence of this technique for almost 4 decades. Throughout the academic community, such multidisciplinary technical needs are typically met through collaborations between departments or institutions. Nevertheless, such collaborations are complicated by communication barriers, diverging interests, and instrumentation needs.

At Stowers, we have sought a different approach to such problems. By providing dedicated technological support through core facilities and research advisors, we hope to encourage not only routine use of advanced technologies but technology developments that can only be anticipated in the context of an important biological problem. Over the past several years I have collaborated on a number of high impact papers solving important biological problems by developing new technologies. It is my hope that as we demonstrate the utility of these methods for solving complex biological problems they will gain widespread use within the biological community. Here are a few highlights (see below for a complete publication list):

Super-Resolution Imaging of Cell Division Machinery. While super-resolution microscopy has become a field unto itself in recent years, there remain significant barriers to its application to typical in situ biological questions. I have been involved in two recent papers that make significant progress towards that goal by extending the effective reach of structured illumination microscopy. The first paper, in collaboration with the Jaspersen lab (Burns et al., eLife, 2015), uses image alignment and averaging to capture many high confidence of the yeast spindle pole body during replication with endogenously tagged proteins. This has allowed us to map out the process of SPB duplication in unprecedented detail, uncovering previously unseen details including an asymmetric bend in the sfi1 half-bridge and pre-insertion duplication of membrane components. The second paper, in collaboration with the Hawley lab (Lake et al., eLife, 2015), uses 3D tracing and computational straightening to assess positioning of recombination nodules and their newly associated proteins in drosophila meiotic synaptonemal complexes.

Yeast Kinetochore Copy Number Quantitation. In this collaboration with the Jennifer Gerton lab, we developed a novel method to quantitate the number of EGFP molecules in a spot in living budding yeast cells. We used fluorescence correlation spectroscopy to obtain the molecular brightness of a single EGFP molecule in live yeast. We then used that molecular brightness to calibrate the number of Cse4-EGFP molecules at the centromere in a cell-cycle specific manner. Surprisingly, our method suggests that the copy number of Cse4-EGFP per centromere increases from one to two during anaphase. Bleaching of the mother and daughter centromeres at the first point where they can be resolved leads to recovery during anaphase, further demonstrating this transition and demonstrating that new Cse4-EGFP is recruited to the centromere during the transition. Please see our 2012 Cell paper below for more details. We recently extended this work with two papers on kinetochore protein dynamics during anaphase (Dhatchinamoorthy et al, JCB 2017 and 2019).

Line Scanning FCCS at the Yeast Nuclear Envelope. In this collaboration with the Sue Jaspersen lab, we utilized fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy to observe the codiffusion of mps3 and ndc1 at the yeast nuclear envelope but away from the spindle pole body where they are known to interact. Given that ndc1 has a shared function in both spindle pole body and nuclear pore complex insertion, we hypothesized that mps3 was acting to balance these roles and possibly shuttle ndc1 between these compartments. Consistent with this hypothesis, mps3 deletion is rescued by deletion of the nuclear pore complex ndc1 interactor, pom152, presumably due to increased relative levels at the spindle pole body. Our FCCS studies confirmed that an mps3-ndc1 complex is formed at the nuclear envelope but away from the spindle pole body. The fraction of ndc1 bound by mps3 increases dramatically after pom152 deletion, confirming the role of mps3 in partitioning between these spaces. Please see the Scanning FCCS protocols page and our 2014 JCB paper for more details.


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