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Strain and Plasmid Requests


We are happy to provide any published reagents upon request**. To expedite your request, please include the following information:

  1. For yeast strains, please include the strain number and the publication in which it appeared. Most of our strains are in the W303 background.
  2. For plasmids, please include the plasmid name and the publication in which it appeared.
  3. Please include a brief description of the experiments planned for the requested reagents. We might have something else better suited for your needs, especially for strains published several years ago or strains that spontaneously diploidize.
  4. Your name, e-mail address, real address and telephone number.
  5. Your FedEx account number if you wish. Otherwise, strains will be sent by US mail. Due to the number of strain requests we receive, our typical turn-around time from receipt of your request to shipment is 2-3 weeks. Large requests with missing information will take longer.
  6. All requests should be sent to Sue Jaspersen.

** if you are requesting split-GFP reagents or fluorescent protein tagging plasmids, we have deposited these materials at Addgene to facilitate distribution.