Microscopy Center
Electron Microscopes

The Stowers Microscopy Center is the home of several electron microscopes and sample preparation systems taylored to the unique needs of the institute researchers. We also have an agreement with the WUCCI center in St. Louis (link) that gives us access to MicroCT and Structural CryoEM technologies.


The FEI Technai Spirit BioTwin 120 kV TEM is a transmission electron microscope for thin section TEM work. The beam energy is 120 kV and is equipped with a Gatan CCD camera.

The Zeiss Merlin SEM is a high resolution SEM. This instrument is equipped with the ATLAS software for easy automation and visualization.

The Gatan 3View is a automated sample sectioning system designed for use with the Zeiss Merlin SEM. Automated 3View sectioning allows for very large scale 3D TEM-like imaging on millimeter scales.

The TableTop SEM is a simple table top scanning electron microscope for morphological characterization of sample surfaces. Stowers has two of these.

The Leica EM-ICE system is a high pressure freezer system which allows for optimal preservation of sample ultrastructure.

The Leica AFS2 is a freeze substitution system. Stowers has two of these.

The ultramicrotome is a system for ultra thin sectioning of embedded samples. Stowers has 3 of these.