Microscopy Center
The Stowers Microscopy Center is dedicated to aiding in any and all research related to light microscopy.

We love colaborating on research projects. If you're planning an experiment, our group is available to help design the experiment by suggesting the appropriate microscope, method, dyes, or fluorescent protiens. If you have a difficult sample, we can assist with sample prep, or have one of our experts design a custom microfab or microfluidic device to suit your needs

We love image processing. Because we have analyzed so many images across so many animal models, we are able to help you design your experiment to get the most helpful data out of your images. If one of the standard image processing packages can't do what we need, we regularly write custom software to segment images and extract the data to support your hypothysis.

We love data analysis. After spending the time on the microscope and processing the images, we will help you make sense of your data. We can help to make effective figures, and even asses whether follow up experiments with new microscopy techniques would be appropriate to support the hypotheses.

We love training microscopy. As much as we love doing microscopy, we know that research scientists must have a good knowledge of the available microscopes and techniques in order to effectively plan their research. We are always available to do trainings on any of our many areas of expertise!