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 The mantle cells, labeled with sqet20 GFP line, surround a 5dpf neuromast.

The lateral line axon (in green) innervates the mechanosensory hair cells (in red) present in the lateral line of zebrafish.

The lateral line of zebrafish is formed by round volcano-shaped organs called neuromasts, which detect the water movement. This is due to the presence of specialized cells called hair cells (labeled with sqet4 in green, in the middle of the organ). The hair cells are surrounded by support cells and mantle cells (labeled with sqet20 in green, forming a ring on the outer part of the organ). Cell nuclei are labeled using H2A-mCherry (in red)

The head of a 5-day-old zebrafish embryo is covered with neuromasts (in green), which detect the water movement coming from all directions. Cell nuclei are labeled using H2A-mCherry (in red).

The lateral line forms from primordial that migrate and deposit neuromasts during the process. Each primordium (in the picture) has proto-neuromasts or rosettes, in which the future hair cells are formed thanks to the cross-talk of different signaling pathways.