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Protein Interaction Network Analysis

Protein interaction networkWe have a growing interest in protein interaction network analyses. As a result of ongoing collaborations with other principal investigators at the Stowers Institute, we analyze a large amount of diverse affinity purifications from organisms like S. cerevisiae and human tissue culture. We used a portion of this data to develop a novel approach for assembling probabilistic local protein interaction networks using vector algebra and statistical methods, and applied this to the human Tip49a/Tip49b protein interaction network (Sardiu et al., 2008). We defined four protein complexes, URI/Prefoldin, hINO80, SRCAP, and TRRAP/TIP60 and we identified new components of these complexes. Most importantly, we determined the probabilities of protein-protein interactions within and between complexes. We used NSAF values to determine the probability of each protein protein interaction in the dataset. In a limited follow up analysis, higher probabilities corresponded to positive coIPs and low probabilities corresponded to negative coIPs (Sardiu et al., 2008). These results raise the intriguing possibility that the probabilities that are calculated from this technology may provide insight into the architectural organization of a protein complex. We have further analyzed the Tip49a/Tip49b dataset to evaluate different clustering algorithms to gain insight into the potential value of different clustering approaches for future computational assembly of unknown protein complexes (Sardiu et al., 2009). We are currently developing a large dataset protein protein interactions with a large number of affinity purifications of proteins involved in transcription. Future studies will be to assemble and analyze these datasets into probabilistic protein interaction networks.

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