Zeitlinger Lab Data




Reporter-ChIP-nexus reveals strong contribution of the Drosophila initiator sequence to RNA polymerase pausing.

This manuscript is was published in April 2019.  Click here to download a PDF of the paper.


Raw Data

Raw sequencing data for this paper were deposited with NCBI GEO under accession number GSE116244.


Analysis Code

The analysis code is available on GitHub: Shao_eLife_2019.


Virtual Server

We have also made available a virtual server image with all the software packages, analysis code and raw data used in the paper. We documented our setup instructions here. This virtual server is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI).  Please see the AWS web page for information about this service. Specific instructions regarding our AMI are below.

AMI ID: ami-05476d8acdcdae8a1 (requires an Amazon Web Services account)

AMI setup notes.