Khyati Dalal

Predoctoral Researcher

Khyati Dalal joined the lab in May 2018. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Genetics from Bangalore University, India. After her undergraduate studies, Khyati worked as intern at Johnson and Johnson, assisting in Phase III clinical trials. This experience gave her a holistic overview of bench to bedside and further stimulated her interest in research. She obtained her master’s degree by completing her project thesis on spindle assembly checkpoint protein and embryonic stem cell differentiation towards chondrocytes under Stephen Taylor and Susan Kimber from the University of Manchester, UK. Later, Khyati joined the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) as a research technician in the Rumi lab to assist in understanding the role of Satb1 protein in trophoblast stem cells which led her to join IGPBS KU Graduate Program. Pursuing further knowledge of her curosity in genomics and developmental biology, she joined the Zeitlinger Lab for her Ph.D. thesis. When not in the lab you can find Khyati enjoying crafts, drawings and watching suspense/drama TV shows.