Yue Liang

Predoctoral Researcher

Yue joined the Zeitlinger lab in the summer of 2019 as a predoctoral student. While earning her bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from Wuhan University in Hubei, China, she spent eight months at the Australian National University’s John Curtin Medical School, studying DNA double-strand breaks and the role histone proteins play in the correct transfer of genetic information. This experience fueled her desire to pursue scientific research on gene regulation. After joining the graduate program of Stowers. Yue developed her interest in genomics when learning the genomics module, intrigued by its’s powerful ability to decode the mechanisms that regulate gene expression and transcription factors recruitment with large-scale sequencing data. Currently, Yue is working to understand the role of RNA in gene activation and regulation with a combination of computational and molecular biology tools. Outside of the lab, Yue enjoys watching movies and traveling with her family.