Lab members

Emily Wesley

Undergrad Researcher

Emily has worked as an Undergraduate Researcher in the Hawley Lab since January 2018, under the guidance of Dr. Katie Billmyre, a postdoctoral researcher. Recently, Emily completed a published project investigating how genetic background affected synaptonemal complex (SC) maintenance in Drosophila melanogaster. Surprisingly, the genetic background effect worsened when heterozygous for a c(3)G nullallele (the transverse filament component of the SC). Additionally, she is working on characterizing a corolla mutant with three deletions in cyclin dependent kinase binding sites. Working as an intern in Dr. Hawley's lab has been an invaluable experience, allowing Emily to fully appreciate the process of scientific discovery. Being able to conduct independent experiments with terrific guidance and mentorship has fostered her curiosity and love of science. Emily would recommend the experience to others who are eager to become closely involved with the research process. She notes that she has gained an abundance of knowledge and skills that will continue to benefit her in a future career in biomedical science. Emily asserts that the Hawley Lab was the best place to begin her career in science and the experiences she has had will serve as a foundation for achieving future goals.


Pre-Med Biology Student Publishes Article in Scientific Journal

Genetic background impacts the timing of synaptonemal complex breakdown in Drosophila melanogaster
Wesley ER, Hawley RS, Billmyre KK.  [published ahead of print October 18 2020]. Chromosoma. 2020.

 X chromosome and autosomal recombination are differentially sensitive to disruptions in SC maintenance
Billmyre KK, Cahoon CK, Heenan GM, Wesley ER, Yu Z, Unruh JR,Takeo S, Hawley RS. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.2019;116:21641-21650.