Welcome to the Stowers Institute ImageJ Plugins Page.

This collection of plugins has been amassed over the years by Jay Unruh, a Co-Director of Microscopy, Imaging, and Big Data at Stowers.

The best way to obtain up to date version of my plugins is by following the Fiji update site entitled "Stowers". For more details, see the zipped plugins page.

Make Note!

Due to recent server security updates, the former Fiji update site URL does not work. You need to either manually change it to https://research.stowers.org/imagejplugins/updates/ or reinstall a fresh copy of Fiji which should have the correct URL.

Note that these plugins are intended for academic use only. Please see the license page for more details on terms of use. In addition, these plugins are provided on an as is basis with no garantees or support. A common problem with my plugins is that most are written for 32-bit images with support added later for 16 and then 8 bit images. If you get an error that says "[S cannot be cast to [F" or "[B cannot be cast to [F" then you need to convert to 32-bit with Image>Type>32-bit. If you would like to report bugs, send an e-mail to jru @ stowers . org. Nevertheless, I give no promise of response. Updates for the plugins will be uploaded periodically. The individual user is responsible for updating. I will make an effort to maintain backward compatibility, but there is no garantee of this, so a backup copy should always be made before updating.

Also note that this web page is a work in progress. I have tried to eliminate broken links, but it will take a while before the information content available here is fully up to date. The zipped documentation folder also contains word files with more complete documentation and references.