Megan Halfmann

Lab Operations Manager

443C (03-4-443)
Office Phone: 816-926-4442
Lab Phone: 816-926-4455
Originally from Kansas, my interests in cell biology and biotechnology took me to the scientific hotbed of Cambridge, MA and the research lab of Harvey Lodish, Ph.D., at the Whitehead Institute.  Here I gained experience in academic research working on the ex vivo expansion of hematopoietic stem cells in mice and cell culture.  I gained further experience in an industry setting working with xenograft mouse models of cancer in the pharmacology dept. of Peloton Therapeutics, a drug discovery start-up in Dallas, TX (recently acquired by Merck).  I have since circled back to Kansas City to assist in the operations of the Halfmann Lab after being persuaded by the beauty of the cell’s protein structure/function paradigm (as well as the simplicity of working with a yeast model rather than a mouse model!).  I am currently managing the operations of the lab while raising twin girls, Lois and Curie.  

Ask me about: Lab procedures/protocols, administrative concerns, team building events, parenting twins… Anything! (I may or may not have the answer, but hopefully can point you in the right direction)

Data from Yeast Colony Motility project can be found here.