Lab members

Stacie Hughes

Senior Research Specialist
B.S. Agricultural Genetics - Iowa State University

Ph.D. Molecular Genetics - Washington University
Stacie earned a B.S. in Agricultural Genetics at Iowa State. After internships in labs at Iowa State, the University of Iowa, and Pioneer Hi Bred International, Stacie began graduate work at Washington University in the lab of Dr. S. Kerry Kornfeld. Stacie’s work on reproductive aging in the nematode C. elegans was supported by a National Science Foundation Fellowship. Her interest in reproduction led her to the Hawley lab, where she began a post-doc investigating the mechanisms controlling the segregation of non-recombinant chromosomes in Drosophila females. Stacie showed that non-recombinant chromosomes undergo dynamic movements on the meiosis I spindle while connected by heterochromatic threads. She went on to show that Topoisomerase II is required to resolve the heterochromatic connections between chromosomes.  As a research specialist in the lab, Stacie has turned her attention to the regulation of the assembly and disassembly of the synaptonemal complex, the complex that holds chromosomes together during early meiosis to facilitate recombination. This work was spurred by the isolation of a mutation in the gene encoding the E3 ligase Seven in absentia (Sina) that causes the components of the synaptonemal complex to aberrantly self-assemble into large structures called polycomplexes. Stacie is continuing to unravel how polycomplex formation is regulated, the structure of polycomplexes, and how polycomplex formation affects meiotic processes. Stacie has also mentored several interns and junior staff whose work has led to manuscripts on gamma-Tubulin and B chromosomes. She has also assisted in a number of other major lab projects. Stacie can be contacted at

Regulation of Polo Kinase by Matrimony Is Required for Cohesin Maintenance during Drosophila melanogaster Female Meiosis
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Original Data

Alternative Synaptonemal Complex Structures: Too Much of a Good Thing?
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The E3 ubiquitin ligase SINA regulates the assembly and disassembly of the synaptonemal complex in Drosophila females
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Original Data

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Original Data    

Discovery of Supernumerary B Chromosomes in Drosophila melanogaster.
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Original Data

Binding of Drosophila Polo kinase to its regulator Matrimony is noncanonical and involves two separate functional domains.
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Original Data

Gamma-Tubulin Is Required for Bipolar Spindle Assembly and for Proper Kinetochore Microtubule Attachments during Prometaphase I in Drosophila Oocytes.
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