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We study the development and regeneration of the lateral line sensory system in zebrafish at the cellular, transcriptomic and epigenetic level.

Stem cell biology | cell fate acquisition | innate immune system | cell migration.

February 2023

New Rotation Student

The Piotrowski lab is excited to host Thoa Truong for her first rotation!

Thoa hails from Vietnam and is now a student in the Stowers Graduate Program.
September 2021


During injury, macrophages are the swiss knife: they do it all! Clean up, repair, protect.... But how is each step molecularly regulated? Our talented postdoctoral fellow Nicolas Denans tackled this problem by using scRNA-Seq, transgenic reporter lines and live imaging. He discovered that macrophages are activated sequentially and independently not by one but by 3 anti-inflammatory states!

Take a look: Nicolas is on the job market and has a wealth of data for future projects!

Read more here!
August 2021

New pre-print from the lab in bioRxiv!

We took advantage of the accessibility and speed of lateral line hair cell regeneration to profile in vivo transcriptomics at unprecedented spatiotemporal resolution.

Read more here and explore the data in our custom shinyapp!

Death & endings go hand in hand. But what if death stimulated rebirths?
July 2021

Grant Awarded

The Hearing Health Foundation, Hearing Restoration Project awarded us a $100,000 grant to study the epigenetic regulation of hair cell regeneration!
June 2021

Research Scholar presentation.

Gwynna Fuller, our fantastic Summer Research Scholar, presents her work.
May 2021

We made the cover!

Julia’s microscopy of zebrafish sensory hair cells was selected by Dev Cell and appeared on the May issue cover.