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We study the development and regeneration of the lateral line sensory system in zebrafish at the cellular, transcriptomic and epigenetic level.

Stem cell biology | cell fate acquisition | innate immune system | cell migration.

Mar 2024

March 2024

In March, we congratulated Dr. Julia Peloggia with her thesis defense: "Physiological Plasticity Maintains Zebrafish Sensory Organ Function During Environmental Changes." Awesome job!
May 2024

May 2024

Stowers and the Graduate School celebrated their 2024 graduates:

Júlia Peloggia de Castro
Thesis Advisor:
Tatjana Piotrowski, Ph.D.
Sharien Fitriasari
Thesis Advisor: Paul Trainor, Ph.D.
Emma Moore
Thesis Advisor: Paul Trainor, Ph.D.
Kai Zhang
Thesis Advisor: Kausik Si, Ph.D.
Feb  2024

February 2024

The Swiss National Foundation has awarded Aurélie Hintermann, a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Piotrowski Lab, a two-year grant for the fellowship application, "Exploring phenotypic diversification through regulatory evolution in the lateral line of killifish and zebrafish." Congratulations, Aurélie!
January  2024

New pre-print in bioRxiv (Jan 2024!)

When salinity and pH levels of the medium are low, ionocyte progenitors invade lateral line sensory organs, where they help with mechanosensory hair cell function. Julia Peloggia, our predoc, explored how these environmental changes trigger signaling pathways and orchestrate this physiological adaptation.

Read the pre-print here!
June 2021

Research Scholar presentation.

Gwynna Fuller, our fantastic Summer Research Scholar, presents her work.
May 2021

We made the cover!

Julia’s microscopy of zebrafish sensory hair cells was selected by Dev Cell and appeared on the May issue cover.