August 2021

New pre-print from the lab in bioRxiv!

We took advantage of the accessibility and speed of lateral line hair cell regeneration to profile in vivo transcriptomics at unprecedented spatiotemporal resolution.

Read more here and explore the data in our custom shinyapp!

Death & endings go hand in hand. But what if death stimulated rebirths?
Sep 2021


During injury, macrophages are the swiss knife: they do it all! Clean up, repair, protect.... But how is each step molecularly regulated? Our talented postdoctoral fellow Nicolas Denans tackled this problem by using scRNA-Seq, transgenic reporter lines and live imaging. He discovered that macrophages are activated sequentially and independently not by one but by 3 anti-inflammatory states!

Take a look: Nicolas is on the job market and has a wealth of data for future projects!

Read More here!
August 2020

New Members

Join us in welcoming new Predoctoral Researcher, John Rojas Pino and new Graduate Researcher, Nicole Tran!

Welcome to the Lab!
July 2021

Grant Awarded

The Hearing Health Foundation, Hearing Restoration Project awarded us a $100,000 grant to study the epigenetic regulation of hair cell regeneration!
May 2021

New publication from the lab in Developmental Cell!

Ionocytes, here observed for the first time in the zebrafish lateral line, invade neuromasts in response to changes in salinity and pH, via adaptive cell invasion.

You can find the paper here.

To know more about the behind the scenes, read the press release from the Stowers Institute.

January 2020

New Members

Join us in welcoming a new Lab Technician, Ya-Yin Tsai and new rotation student Gabriel da Silva Pescador!

Welcome to the Lab!
July 2019

Woods Hole Embryology Course

Julia demonstrates how to transplant zebrafish cells to the 2019 Embryology students at the Marine Biological Laboratories (MBL) in Woods Hole, MA.

The Embryology course in this year’s 4th of July parade in Woods Hole, MA....which always ends in an epic water balloon battle.
June 2019

New Publication from the Piotrowski Lab!

In which neuromast cell type is your gene of interest expressed?

Interactively explore using our web-based tool.


February 2019
Joaquin wins image of the day!
On February 19th, 2019, The Scientist chose our lab member, Joaquin, scientific image as the image of the day. Congrats Joaquin!


September 2018
Congratulations to our Post-Doc Sungmin!
Our post-doc, Sungmin Baek, won 3rd Place in the YISR Post-doc Poster Competition!  Congratulations!

June 2018
Congratulations to our Predoc,  Joaquin Navajas Acedo!
Joaquin earned 1st place in the "Scientific Movies" category of Crossroads' Data Visualization, Scientific Movie, and Scientific Images competition!

May 2017
Congratulations to Agne for Successfully Defending Her Thesis!
Congratulations to Agne Kozlovskaja-Gumbriene on successfully presenting and defending her thesis, “Zebrafish posterior lateral line organogenesis regulation by Notch signaling”.

January 2017
The Piotrowski Lab Welcomes Bioinformatics Intern, Daniel Diaz!
Daniel Diaz joins to Piotrowski lab for a 9-month Bioinformatics internship. He is a graduate student from the University of Oregon.

December 2016
Joaquin's Image is Published in Interstallate 2016

September 2016
Joaquin wins 1st Place at YISR 2016
Joaquin won first prize for the Student and Technician Oral Presentation at the StowersInstitute's Young Investigator Science Retreat 2016!

August 2016
Recent Publication (Venero Galanternik M, Lush M, Piotrowski T)
TITLE: Glypican4 modulates lateral line collective cell migration non cell-autonomously

May 2016
Joaquin Participates in MBL Summer Course
Joaquin participated on the MBL Embryology Course at Woods Hole this summer andwrote about it at The Node!

VIDEO: What Can Zebrafish Teach Us About Developmental Biology?

Recent Publication (Kniss JS, Jiang L, Piotrowski T)
TITLE: Insights into sensory hair cell regeneration from the zebrafish lateral line

April 2016
A Summer Scholar Joins the Piotrowski Lab for Summer 2016!
The Piotrowski Lab is pleased to announce the arrival of Summer Sholar Madaleine St. Peter! Madaleine, an undergraduate at the University of Arizona, was selected for an internship in the Stowers Summer Scholar Program and will be working in the Piotrowski lab for a 2-month rotation.

The Piotrowski Lab Welcomes Nicole Nuckolls!
Welcome Nicole Nuckolls, the newest Piotrowski Lab Rotation Student! Nicole is a predoctoral researcher at Stowers Institute for Medical Research and is the newest student to join our lab for an 8-week rotation. Congrats Nicole, and welcome to the lab!

February 2016
Recent Publication
(Venero Galanternik M, Nikaido M, McKinney SA, Piotrowski T)TITLE:  Localized gene induction by infrared-mediated heat shock

January 2016
Recent Publication
(Venero Galanternik M, Navajas Acedo J, Romero-Carvajal A, Piotrowski T)
TITLE:  Imaging Collective Cell Migration and Hair Cell Regeneration  in the Sensory Lateral Line

December 2015
Congratulations to Piotrowski Lab Research Technician, Helena Boldt!
Congratulations to lab technician, Helena Boldt, on the birth of her son! Helena Boldt, Research Technincian in the Piotrowski lab, and her husband Dr. Nick Rohner just had a baby boy. Vincent Benedict Rohner was born on Wednesday, January 13, 2016. Congratulations to you both and welcome, Vincent!

November 2016
The Piotrowski Lab was Mentioned in a Kansas City Star Article!
'KU gene therapy holds new hope for restoring hearing' by Alan Bavley

September 2015
Congratulations to Marina!
She has accepted a position with the Weinstein Laboratory where she will be working towards completing her Post-Doctorate degree. The Weinstein Lab is a part of the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics (LMG) in the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), one of the institutes comprising the National Institutes of Health (NIH)  The laboratory is located on the NIH main campus in Bethesda, Maryland, a few miles outside of Washington, D.C.

June 2015
The Piotrowski Lab's Research Discussed in NPR Radio Segment
"Kansas City Researchers say zebrafish may hold clue to reversing deafness in humans"

Congratulations to Marina and Andres!
Congratulations to Marina Venero Galanternik and Andres Romero-Carvajal for successfully defending their theses!

January 2015
Congratulations to Andres!
His manuscript entitled "Regeneration of sensory hair cells requires localized interactions between the Notch and Wnt pathways"  (A Romero-Carvajal, J Navajas Acedo, L Jiang, A Kozlovskaja-Gumbriene, R Alexander, H Li and T Piotrowski) was just accepted in Developmental Cell.

Congratulations to Marina!
Her paper entitled "Heparan sulfate proteoglycans regulate Fgf signaling and cell polarity during collective cell migration" by M Venero Galanternik, KL Kramer, T Piotrowski was published on January 15, 2015 in Cell Reports.