Lab Members

MinLing Hu

Predoctoral Researcher

Minling grew up in city of Xi’an in northwest China. She went to LanZhou University for a B.S. in Life Science and Technology, then to a master’s program at Beijing Normal University focused on Translational Medicine. During her time in the lab of Dr. Qun Wei, she found a small recombinant protein subunit that can be used as an adjuvant for the hepatitis B vaccine. 

After graduating, she worked at the Institute of Biophysics in Beijing and was actively involved in two projects about liver cancer and lipid metabolism. Her passion for translational medicine then took her to the Novo Nordisk Research Center, China, for research on long-acting insulin development. Minling moved to Kansas City and then join the Halfmann lab as a technician in 2018. The supportive and inspiring research community in Stowers Institute encouraged her to join the Stowers Graduate School in 2020. After the laboratory rotations, Minling joined the Zanders lab because of her interests in fission yeast meiosis and evolution of repetitive sequence. 

Outside the lab, Minling is a big fan of badminton and Yoga. She also likes hiking and camping.


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