Lab Members

Ananya Nidamangala Srinivasa

Predoctoral Researcher

Ananya is from Chennai, India. She completed her Bachelor’s in Technology in Biotechnology at SASTRA University, where she worked on biofilm biology in uropathogenic E. coli (UPEC). In her final semester, Dr. Christian Kost at the University of Osnabruck, Germany guided Ananya as she worked on the stability of auxotrophic bacterial communities based on network topology. The Kost lab also  worked on co-evolved auxotrophs that made nanotubes to exchange amino acids, and this sparked her interest in evolution. She then joined the IGPBS program at the University of Kansas Medical Center, rotated with the Zanders lab, and immediately knew that was where she wanted to work! Outside of science she is an Indian classical dancer and an amateur artist, who occasionally dabbles in writing.  You may contact Ananya at or on Twitter @lethargicbug. You can find her website here.


Meiotic drive.
Nidamangala Srinivasa A and  Zanders SE. Current Biology. 2020. 30(11), R627–R629.